Composition studies.

A couple of speed paintings based on stills from the very beautiful film, ‘The Fall’ directed by Tarsem Singh. (Catch it if you haven’t already! Amazing colour and cinematography, and a really good story.) Speed is one of the foremost skills that I am unfortunately lacking, especially for digital painting. I am hoping to do a couple of speeds each day as practice from now on… On top of everything else that I need to learn.


6 thoughts on “Composition studies.

  1. These are gorgeous.. The texture in the fills is amazing, is this water colour?
    You should definitely do more of this kind of work, it takes a lot of skill to make something so minimal so interesting!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I did these digitally in Photoshop and cropped out textures from my own photographs for the ‘stained’ effects. And yes, I meant to do many more studies with this particular workflow but as always, I got carried away with other styles I wanted to try out. I definitely need more discipline haha!

  2. Well its an absolutely gorgeous style.. If my opinion is worth anything I say stick to this style and try to develop it more, I would totally love to own a piece like this, they’d look great printed massively as a central piece for a living room.. Think I’m gonna put these on my pinterest :)

    • Ah I just saw this comment. Thanks so much for your really encouraging feedback! How kind of you. I’m honoured! Yes I will definitely attempt to do more works with these stylistic treatment in the near future! Shall be more disciplined. XD Thank you!

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